Local 20 Executive Board

International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 20 

Richard Gerrein, Business Manager, member since 1990. 

​Office Phone Number

Josh Parker, President, member since 2012.

​​CONTACT LOCAL 18 (937-806-0406) for information regarding

Heavy Equipment and Pipeline Work

The International Union of Operating Engineers is one of the oldest and largest trade unions in the United States. Our Union has about 400,000 members in 123 local unions all over the United States and Canada. 

Local 20 of The International Union of Operating Engineers represent members who work in healthcare facilities, universities, public school districts, local cities, water districts, and U.S. government owned facilities. 

Our members are the very best in their respective fields. They work harder, work smarter, and work safer than just about anyone else. We do this so that we can provide a good value to our employers, so that we can earn a great living with a secure retirement, and so that we can go home safely to our families. 

Local 20 is headquartered in Cincinnati and is currently representing members in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We have Collective Bargaining  Agreements with 18 employers pictured above.